10 Ways To Eat Healthy On A Budget


Eating healthy on a budget could be difficult especially after the Holidays. The following are some tips to make it possible.

  1. Buy fresh produce when it is in season and freeze it
    Eating fresh produce is great, but buying fresh produce off-season could be super expensive. Only buy what is currently on season.
  2. Look for sales and plan meals accordingly
    If your local store provides a saving-card make sure you sign up for it and check the weekly circular to see what’s on sale.
  3. Try less expensive cuts of meat and enjoy different cooking methods
    For example, baking your chicken or pork.
  4. Eat more whole grains and legumes
    Legumes are healthy and inexpensive. They will fill you up with fiber and protein.
  5. Plan your meals ahead
    It is easy and convenient to always have something ready in your refrigerator and it helps to minimize waste.
  6. Broaden your horizons
    Try different cuisines. Indian and Mexican cuisines rely on inexpensive ingredients. Mediterranean cuisine relies more on vegetables.
  7. Keep an organized fridge and pantry
    This could help you to avoid waste. Make sure the newest products are always on the back. If you freeze your meals make sure you periodically go through your freezer and eat what you have in there.
  8. Re-purpose leftovers
    Instead of eating the same meal from yesterday try to create new recipes using your leftovers. Look for recipes online.
  9. Go to the farmers market at the end of the day
    In some areas you might find great deals if you go to the farmers market an hour before they closed.
  10. Shop in different supermarkets
    Compare prices and look for the best deal.

High Fiber Foods!

As you get ready to stock your fridge for the New Year once you run out of holiday leftovers, think about getting some of these goodies packed with fiber to help you feel full and satisfied to tackle your 2017 to-do list…